The Enchanting Beauty of Linda Evans in “The Big Valley”

11 Mar

After attending on the annual “Reflections of Hope” luncheon conducted by Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services. The Emmy Award-winning leading lady Linda Evans speaks up in a “powerful event provides hope and inspiration and opens the door to a world of possibilities.”

Prior to the said event, I am actually deliberating a serious talk with my grandfellas pertaining to significant matters of “old” life, such as; elderly care, Alzheimer’s care facilities, and the total high-priced costs of long term care insurance. So I told my grandparents about the yearly “Reflections of Hope: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness” event. As I’ve discussed them about the forthcoming luncheon talk, they acquainted me with the life of Linda Evans. Grandfather shares that he had a crush on Audra Barkley during The Big Valley years, which run from 1965 until 1969.

So let’s relive once again the snaps of a beautiful ‘Dynasty’ actress Linda Evans throughout the late 60s American western television series, “The Big Valley.”

562a15a81ec74543dd4239dcbdabaf2e Barbara_Stanwyck_Linda_Evans_Big_Valley c40f9f6a0249e25ce405635366944600 Linda_Evans_The_Big_Valley_1965 linda-evans-1 (1)


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